Pool Opening / Closing

A Clear Choice opens and closes hundreds of pools each year. We can open & close the most sophisticated pool system to the simplistic pool system. Our staff has the training and knowledge to properly open and close any pool with a personal touch, treating your pool as if it were our own. The following are the services we provide for an opening and closing:


  • Remove Winter Cover

  • Clean Minor Debris Off Cover
    (We ask the customer to have debris off cover prior to opening.)

  • Fold Cover

  • Store Cover On Customer’s Property

  • Reinstall All Pool Equipment

  • Reinstall Ladders And Handrails

  • Brush Pool Surface

  • Vacuum Pool Surface

  • Start Pool System

  • Check All Pool Equipment For Proper Function

  • On-Site Water Analysis

  • Balance Water

  • Stock Balancing Chemicals

  • Provide A Checklist Of All Services Performed

* If equipment problems are identified we notify the customer immediately. If at all possible, we will make the repair the same day.


  • Lower Water Level

  • Remove Minor Debris From Pool

  • Add Winterization Chemical

  • Blow Lines Free Of Water

  • Plug Skimmer

  • Return And Cleaner Lines In The Pool With Rubber Plugs

  • Air Lock Main Drain Line

  • Air Lock Floor Return Lines (When Necessary)

  • Air Lock In Floor Cleaner Lines (When Necessary)

  • Drain And Remove Plugs From All Equipment

  • Manually Clean DE Filter System

  • Cover Pool

  • Inspect Equipment

  • Remove Ladders / Handrails

  • And Add Anti-Freeze (When Necessary)

We clean cartridge filters- we recommend to our customers to have us take the cartridge back to our facility to have it cleaned & dipped into a cleaning solution (24 hour soak)to thoroughly clean the filter cartridge element.  We will return the cartridge to the customer’s filter after cartridge has been cleaned

We provide maintenance for ALL manufactures pool filter pumps and cleaner pumps:  we take the motors back to our shop and evaluate the motors condition.  We look at the impeller, diffuser, mounting plate, etc., we also inspect the electrical end of the pump. We will replace the motor bearings and seal, we warrantee the function of the motor the next full pool season.