Leak Detection

We offer comprehensive leak detection service using the latest testing and location equipment available. A Clear Choice Pool Service has a certified diver on staff to dive in a pool to locate leaks underwater. Typical areas leaks occur are around light niches, main drains skimmers and tile lines. We also provide water pipe pressure testing and leak detection by use of a camera.

We start our leak detection process by a process of elimination. We first look at the pool equipment, is water leaking out of a pump or plumbing line? We have saved customers time and money by finding the source of the pool leak coming from the pool equipment at the equipment pad or leaking out a backwash line.

Pools will evaporate water at different rates (especially in the hotter months), we can perform certain tests for evaporation to confirm or eliminate that possibility. If we confirm the pool is losing more water than from evaporation we then move forward to checking around the pool skimmers and tile line using a dye test method.

If we do not find a positive leak at the surface level, we will perform a pressure test on the pool lines and or dive in the pool to look for a leak at a deeper level. Once a leak is located we are able to check deeper into a line by use of a camera to give a better idea of what kind of leak we are dealing with.

We can locate the leak from above the ground with the use of a locator. We have the equipment and experience to find and repair any pool leak whether it is at the surface, underwater or underground. We can provide customers with pictures and video of leaks underground inside the pipe before we start the repair. It is a great way to give assurance to our customers when dealing with the frustration of a pool leak.

Quick guide for looking for a leak in a pool:

  • Check for evaporation

  • Check for water on the equipment pad

  • Perform a dye test

  • Pressure test lines and or dive the pool