Pool Inspections for Home Sales

Pool inspections usually take about an hour to perform. We visually inspect the swimming pool structure as well as the swimming pool equipment function.

We provide a written pool inspection report (E-mailed directly to the realtor and home buyer). We know from experience that time is of the essence in real estate transactions, so we get the report over to the clients ASAP. The fee is due at the completion of the inspection. We accept Cash, Check, Visa Mastercard.

We inspect all the pool equipment such as the filter, filter pump, cleaner pump, auxiliary pumps, pool cleaners, check for leaks in the visible plumbing at equipment pad, control systems, timers, heaters, heat pumps, solar heat, equipment electrical bonding, pool lights, etc.

Pool side: we look at the pool surface, tile, coping, caulk joint, pool decking, pool light, skimmers, and pool structure for visible cracks.

All pools are unique, so your report we file will be unique to your swimming pool.

We perform most pool inspection during the warmer months when the pool system is operating, but also perform pool inspection any time of the year. Yes we have shoveled snow to perform some inspections. We will do what it takes to keep our customers informed and happy!

When the pool system is winterized, we offer two ways of inspection:

  • Visual inspection only: we will look at the pool structure and equipment, turn on the motors to make sure they work. We will give the best recommendations possible without starting the pool system.

  • Start system, Inspect pool system, Winterize the pool system: we do everything as we would with a normal pool inspection but also start up and winterize the pool system the same day.