Drain & Clean Acid Wash

A Clear Choice Pool Service provides draining & cleaning of a pool as a “last resort” type of service, but is sometimes necessary. If your pool has been sitting unused for a year or more, or if your pool sat uncover exposed to the algae loving sun and is extremely green- draining & cleaning may be a better and more cost effective way to get your pool back to clean and clear again.

When we drain and clean a pool, we try to remove the algae, discoloration and mineral build up on the pool surface by pressure washing the pool surface first.; if this is effective, then we will fill the pool without having to use chemicals. If the stains are stubborn and need the use of chlorine or a light acid wash to be removed, we will do so.

Acid washing is usually the best and most effective way of removing the mineral build up on pool walls, while using liquid chlorine works very well in removing the organic stains. In combination with a nice sunny day, most pool stains will fade away quickly.

As you can see from the pictures below, our proven methods of draining & cleaning pools turn out to reveal your pools beautiful surface clean and clear again.